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From creating and executive producing “America’s Most Wanted” to covering breaking news in Los Angeles and across America, broadcast journalist and executive producer Michael Linder has created breakthrough television series, Internet content and investigative news reports. He is currently Supervising Producer for The CW network series, “Dream Quest with Evette Rios”.

Linder is a familiar voice on Los Angeles airways and a BBC Radio contributor who recently helped L.A. Weekly launch its new video component. In recent years he has served as the investigative reporter for KNX Newsradio, and for TalkRadio KABC where he enhanced the station’s social media mix with breaking news, original photography and streaming media — and built the first new radio news bureau and studio at L.A. City Hall in decades.


Linder traveled extensively for KNX, covering hurricane Katrina from New Orleans, reporting from Washington DC on issues impacting Southern California, and from locations as remote as Minutemen encampments on the Mexican border and Mount St. Helens. He provided gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Michael Jackson and Phil Spector trials. His investigative reports on California’s water wars, oil drilling and L.A. street gangs — including eyewitness coverage of the execution of Crips co-founder Tookie Williams — have won numerous awards.

He's the epitome of a true roving reporter, capable of covering stories far from home base. Textbook radio journalism that could be taught in any classroom.
—Los Angeles Press Club
Journalist of the Year Citation

Linder has created and produced network television series, specials, documentaries, the California Gubernatorial Debate, and the syndicated movie review series “Sneaks” in association with the Los Angeles Times. He executive produced “Real News,” KCOP-TV’s nightly newscast and served as a television news reporter for two Los Angeles stations, KTLA and KCBS.

With Quincy Jones, Linder co-executive produced “The Jesse Jackson Show,” a weekly syndicated series that took public affairs television out of Washington studios and onto the frontlines of breaking events, including Iraq as coalition forces massed for war in 1990. Talks with Saddam Hussein in Baghdad failed to coax Iraq from Kuwait, but Linder won permission from Hussein to enter and document the occupied nation for the first time. The mission also won the release of 227 hostages held in Baghdad and Kuwait, including the staff of the U.S. embassy in Kuwait City.

After two years of producing television and radio in Tokyo, Linder created and executive produced Fox Television’s “America’s Most Wanted,” casting John Walsh as host and capturing one of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted in the show’s first episode. In “Outfoxed,” author Alex Ben Block credits Linder with saving the struggling Fox network by delivering the fledgling weblet’s first hit series.

Linder has an 20-year track record producing online content. Berserkistan, one of Linder’s many original web productions, was the first site to cover a war on location — this one in Bosnia. The site received critical acclaim for its on-scene coverage and photojournalism by war correspondent Jim Bartlett, and for the site’s interactive humanitarianism. Berserkistan was featured by Wired, CNN and “ABC World News Tonight,” a must-read at the White House, the International War Crimes Tribunal, United Nations, and by American and NATO troops, NGOs, and Bosnian refugees worldwide.

He has been portrayed in the movie “Judgment Day: The John List Story” which chronicled Linder’s role in the capture of a multiple murderer 18 years on the run, and has been a guest on “Nightline,” “Good Morning America,” CNN and MSNBC.

  • Currently, Supervising Producer, “Dream Quest with Evette Rios,” The CW
  • 2014, Media Contributor, L.A. Weekly, Los Angeles
  • 2012 to 2014, Contributor, BBC Radio, London
  • 2013 to 2014, Anchor, Reporter, KABC Radio, Los Angeles
  • 2010 to 2012, Executive Producer, Natural 9 Entertainment, Burbank
  • 2011 to 2012, Contributor, KUSC, Los Angeles
  • 2009 to 2010, Investigative Reporter, TalkRadio 790 KABC, Los Angeles
  • 2004 to 2008, Investigative Reporter, KNX, Los Angeles
  • 1999 to 2004, Executive Producer, Reporter, KTLA, Los Angeles
  • 1995 to 1999, Independent Producer, Internet and Television
  • 1994, Executive Producer, KCOP News, Los Angeles
  • 1990 to 1991, Executive Producer, “The Jesse Jackson Show”
  • 1987 to 1990, Creator and Executive Producer, “America’s Most Wanted”
  • 1981 to 1987, Independent Producer, Los Angeles
  • Awards
  • Edward R. Murrow Award, RTNDA
  • Bill Stout Memorial Award for Enterprise Journalism, APTRA
  • Best Investigative Reporting, APTRA
  • Mark Twain Award, Investigative Reporting, APTRA
  • Mark Twain Award, Best Special Program, APTRA
  • Radio Journalist of the Year, Los Angeles Press Club
  • Best Investigative Journalism, Radio, Los Angeles Press Club
  • Best News Feature, Los Angeles Press Club
  • Golden Mic, Best Radio News Reporting, RTNA
  • Golden Mic, Best Hard News Reporting, RTNA
  • Golden Mic, Best Hard News Series, RTNA
  • Golden Mic, Best Documentary, RTNA
  • Golden Mic, Best News Special, RTNA
  • Golden Mic, Best News Feature Reporting, RTNA
  • Emmy, and three nominations, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
  • Webby Nomination, Graphic Design
  • U.S. Attorney General’s Public Service Award