Confident that he can raise enough money to unseat California governor Jerry Brown who he describes as "lazy," Republican gubernatorial hopeful Neel Kashkari made his first campaign swing through Southern California Friday, three days after declaring his candidacy.

Photo: Los Angeles Times

Neel Kashkari

Kashkari, 40, is a former engineer who worked for TRW on the James Webb Space Telescope, an investment banker and former U.S. Treasury Department official who oversaw the TARP bailout. He met with Latino small business owners at the Downey Chamber of Commerce Friday before walking to Porto's Bakery and Cafe where he sampled pastry, snapped handshake pix with supporters, and spoke with reporters for five minutes and fifteen seconds.

It was Kashkari 101, a stump primer for a handful of journos, countenancing his family's immigrant roots (they migrated from Kashmir), his emphasis on jobs and education, opposition to California's bullet train and a Libertarian's social agenda that includes protecting women's reproductive rights.

Here's what he told us. Click, play...


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